The End Of Arbitrage…..Or Is It?

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If you haven’t yet heard Google has made quiet a serious crack down this past week by sending out an email to certain Adsense publishers detailing that their accounts will be disabled. This email is being sent out to Arbitrage/MFA publishers but it seems at this point that they are only targeting the big players that are doing Arbi. According to other blogs and other sources if your making over 10K per month with your MFA/Arbitrage sites then there is a good chance you’ve got that email. So just like every other major move with a company on the Internet that effects people you get to see everyone running around with their heads chopped off, not knowing where to turn or what to do and then of course you’ll get the ones which begin to generate a myth by saying “Oh my god, Arbitrage is officially dead. Your stupid if you start doing it now, just stay away”, I love statements like this because I always get the biggest laugh when I read them, most of the time I don’t comment on them or waste my time on these people because they are usually so head strung they won’t take the time to sit down and realize that Arbitrage IS NOT DEAD. Actually Arbi is far from dead I mean seriously you honestly think Google is just going to shut down such a profitable source of income just because a few publishers are getting mad and are leaving or have already left. Well ok that’s a bad example cause the big G does some pretty crazy things and it would not surprise me for a second if they took down half their company just for the challenge of re-building it, that’s just how they work some days. Anyway lets get back on topic because I’ve got a fair bit to cover in this post, first off I’d like to be honest with everyone by saying I’m a small Arbitrage player, I’m happy to take home a $2K or $3K paycheck at the end of the month for doing so little but its kind of funny because even though most people know I’m not a huge Arbi player, lots of people have been contacting me for suggestions on what to do or where to go from here and when I mean lots of people I mean lots, everyone from the super small guy to some 50K plus per month earners so this is what this post is all about but trust me most of you are not going to like it. You know I really wish I had that email that Google sent out to the big players so I can get a better grip on how to counter act them about it because the first thing I want to do is save your account from being removed, but oh wait a minute as far as I know Google is not actually deleting your account they are just disabling your account, not one single person have said there accounts are being removed, they always say their account is going to be disabled as of June 1st. That means one of two things, the first thing it could mean is Google made a HUGE spelling mistake or the second more reasonable meaning behind it is they don’t really want to close down your account because you make them more money then they know what to do with but there currently backed into a corner by their advertisers so they must take action, however since they are only disabling you account and not downright deleting it like they could do, it seems to me like they are providing you with a second chance to redeem yourself, that is the good news. I also heard that the advertisers don’t like the current Arbitrage business model because it delivers them with more useless leads then anything else, notice how I said the advertisers and not Google because lets face it Google is making the cash here and they could care less if you do what you do but since the advertisers are pissed and are leaving. Google would loose more respect and bigger business if they didn’t take swift action so in a way you cannot blame anyone here because were all in the same game of making money from the end user. So if you really want to save your account to fight another day you better do a few things quiet quick, the first thing you could do is send them an apology email saying you understand why they are disabling your account and tell them you would like to know which sites are causing the problem, also make sure you mention to them that your taking immediate action to improve your business model and you are currently removing the sites you feel are causing the problem. Now you deliver on that as quickly as possible, one way or the other your going to loose some money right about now but you have to ask yourself, do you want to live to fight another day or do you want to just give up but just so you know if you do give up then me and the others that won’t lie down will simply walk right up and take what you once had. So if you’ve got 2000 sites up I sure hope you know exactly where they all are because what your going to have to do is immediately remove your adsense blocks, now you could just as easily replace those Adsense blocks with other contextual networks like AdBrite, YPN or you could toss up some AuctionAds (Yup that’s my un-cloaked affiliate link), to possibly save you a bit of money until you get your Google account back in order. Lets back up a second though, if your wondering why I told you to ask Google which sites are causing the problem is because if they tell you, you’ll know much quicker where to remove your Adsense blocks and you’ll be that much closer to improving your account status. Alright now I can take the time to talk about how to avoid future shut downs and I can finally say once again that THIS IS NOT THE END OF ARBI OR MFA SITES, its simply the long awaited evolution of the Arbitrage/MFA business model. I also would like to say that the days of one page Arbi sites are quickly coming to a close. Lets face it the one page MFA sites are whats causing the problem here, they don’t provide Google or the Advertisers with any real value, lets re-phrase that those sites don’t provide the reader any real value. Quick quiz for you, what was Google built upon? Could it have been providing their users with the most relevant, targeted, up to date information in a quick and easy manner….. I think so. This means that in order to rebuild your sites your going to have to put in that much more work, yeah I know extra work sucks but what sucks more, extra work or no money?. You have to realize that the Advertisers want more quality leads and Google wants to provider there searchers with more relevant information, if you can do this then both the advertisers will love you and Google will love you and you won’t have anything to worry about, call it Arbi 2.0, call it the evolution of Arbi, I don’t care what you call it but this is just how it is. Most of you are now thinking well shit that damn scraper I’ve been using for so long no longer works because it only builds me a one page template, this is why I love blogging so much because its so easy to generate thousands of pages at the drop of a hat. If your looking for a new scraper give me time and SplogPress will be perfect for this but if you are capable of re-creating your scrapers then stop making them only create a one page site and start making them generate a bunch of pages all interlinked, kind of how a normal site would look, actually no its time to make a half normal site. You don’t have to go out and create a few thousand pages at the drop of a hat, be smart about it, there are really a lot of factors to think about when creating a quality scraper, don’t just create it to post a thousand pages at once, create it to generate a full MFA site overtime, I’ll even put weight on this by saying MFA SITE and NOT MFA PAGE. With wordpress its nice because all you need to do is have the first page only display a single post and you’ll still have your side bar for your other links, then you just include your Adsense blocks in the usual high click places. I’ll also mention that by basically generating a full MFA site that your overall CTR will go down but again for now its a sacrifice your going to have to suck up and deal with until you improve the overall business model and get back on your feet. So to be a real White Hat Ass right now, what needs to be done is give Google and their advertisers what they want but give it to them in such a way that you can still pull in a decent amount of coin from it. If you are one of the publishers that are about to be shut down then I suggest once you re-create all of your sites you fly under the radar for awhile, if you were making $70K a month tone it down to $10K a month, play it safe for a month or two, maybe longer, yeah I know that’s seriously hard to do because that’s a $60K a month pay cut, not something to give up lightly but as I’ve said before take that cut and suck it up through the hard times and live to fight another day or you could always just lay down, give up and don’t make any money from it, the final choice is yours. Its not hard, you know what needs to be done, you were smart enough to pull in that amount of money in the first place so now your smart enough to pull yourself back from hell and once again pull in the big money. Also if your a bit disappointed that I didn’t provide you with a step by step guide then oh well tough luck. I do want to help people out but their is not a chance in hell I’m going to completely lay down a solid path to success for you because think about it if I did then you would not learn anything, you would not know how to think for yourself and you can be DAMN sure you would eventually get yourself into a situation you don’t know how to handle and once that happens you could easily loose it all so why not take the time to test some ideas out for yourself while getting advice from others, always remember just because one thing works for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you, your own personal touch is always required.
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