The Best Mobile Shipping Apps

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If you are getting a shipment in the mail or are shipping a package you are probably wanting a good way to track it. There are many different shipping apps available that have different features. Most shipping apps will give you the most up to date status on your shipment along with provide a map to show where it has traveled. Some shipping apps are made to track a specific company while other shipping apps are made to be an all in one tracking solution. The all in one shipping apps usually lack features such as where you can find the closest shipping drop off location along with shipment pricing. One shipping app, UPS Mobile, even lets you create a shipping label directly on your phone. Take the time to read the descriptions of the shipping apps below to find the best mobile shipping app for you. Expecting to get a package from UPS and want to track its whereabouts? The UPS Mobile App for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry allow you to keep track where your package is located and give you an idea on when it will arrive. Create package labels and have them emailed to you. Simply print them out and you will be ready to ship. Wondering where the closet UPS location is to drop off a package? Easily search and get directions to locations nearby. You can even get estimated shipping costs and delivery times. Are you looking for an all in one app that allows you to track packages from multiple carriers? If so, Package Buddy is the right shipping app for you. Package Buddy can track from over 100 different shipping companies. This includes the popular US carriers such as UPS, Fedex, DHL, and USPS. You can also track many international shipping companies also. Set the app to auto update to keep the status of your shipments the most accurate. Get information on your shipments and even view a map that shows where the shipment has traveled. You can send tracking information to others by email or by SMS. This shipping app is free, but there is a paid version, Package Buddy Pro that doesn’t have any ads. With the USPS Mobile App you can find local Postal Service locations easily. You can search through the closet options and see a map that shows you where to drive or walk to. Are you wanting to send a letter but aren’t sure on the correct ZIP Code to put on the envelope? The built in ZIP Code lookup will tell you the ZIP Code of your current location along with any address you put in. This good shipping app also lets you track packages. Save the package tracking and easily keep track of your items later. The DHL App lets you easily organize your shipping information. You can create aliases for your shipments so you can quickly identify your packages. Tired of having to type in shipping numbers? With the DHL App you can use your phones camera to scan the bar code on the shipping label. Don’t worry about typing out a long string of numbers and letters where you could accidently mistype one. Keep track of your shipments along with send the tracking information to other people by email. This shipping app costs $1.99 and has features that most of the free shipping apps don’t have. It supports a wide variety of different shipping companies and it can give notifications by email, vibration, LED status, and ringtones. You can add shipping information to the Package Tracker Pro website and have your phone synced up to your account automatically. Keep track of your shipments by viewing where they are currently located. Give your shipments labels to easily keep track of what they are. This shipping app has many features and is put together well.
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