IDoesn’t: Droid Shouldn’t

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Verizon Wireless recently started airing advertisements about its upcoming Android device. I love Android and I haven’t had a problem with Verizon Wireless (even though I use the T-Mobo). Heck, I previously had a RAZR, so I’m even on good terms with Motorola (who is purportedly launching the “Droid Does” phone with Verizon). But now the two companies seem to be going down the wrong track with their marketing department. Failure number 1: the ads target the iPhone and its downfalls. Verizon and Motorola point out that the iPhone doesn’t run apps in the background, doesn’t have a “real” keyboard, doesn’t take night shots, doesn’t customize and doesn’t do widgets, along with a few others. Anyone that has looked into buying an iPhone in the last 2 years knows this already. So when they say “iDoesn’t”, we say “iKnow”. Why must the companies throw mud to get their device sold. Another thing “iDoesn’t” do is point out what the iPhone has over Windows Mobile. There aren’t any Apple ads that blatantly throw mud at the Windows Mobile platform and what it can’t do. Advertisements for the iPhone show all the apps that you can use with the device and play up its sleekness. I will stand corrected if you can show me an ad for the iPhone that is as attack-filled as the “Droid Does” ads. But as far as I have seen, Apple generally relies on the attractive things about their device to get it sold. And I think it has been working, as the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. And let me clarify, I love both iPhones and Android devices. I have an iPod touch running the iPhone OS 3.1.2 and a myTouch 3G running Android 1.6. I am very familiar with the workings of each device, including the good and the bad. So there is no bias in this. I merely wonder where all the gentlemen have gone in mobile device advertising. Show me what your device does without dissing the other guy and then I will decide which one I want. There is much room in the advertisement to show what “Droid Does” without whaling on the iPhone. Even this little slogan shows where they could’ve went with it: “Don’t you wish you had a robot sidekick that moved at light speed, could get you out of any problem and lived in you pocket?” Now isn’t that perfectly peaceful and eye catching for potential buyers of the device? Here’s the ill-planned ad, in case you haven’t seen it: Droid Does ad
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