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Description: The iPod In-Ear Headphones add enhanced sound quality and bass response to your iPod, and are supremely comfortable for long listening sessions, Three different size caps ensure the headphones fit comfortably and securely in your ear, Compatible with all iPods, and all computers with a headphone port Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours Average customer rating: 3.0 Sales rank: 208 Description: The Apple iPod M9394G/A Earbuds offer great sound quality and bass response to enhance your iPod listening experience. These earbuds come with three cap sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit in your ear. What’s in the Box Apple M9394G/A headphones and 3 ear cushions. Customer Reviews Great In-ear Headphones! Wow. These are by far the best earbud/in-ear headphones that I have used (granted I haven’t used all that many, but they still sound great.) Now there are probably many people out who have heard bad reviews on these headphones, but the fact is that those people were most likely NOT USING THEM CORRECTLY. You MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST and I cannot say it enough times, MUST really push them INTO your ear canal. Of course you don’t want to push them to the point that it hurts, but to work correctly they have to make a seal in your ear. Once you do this, they sound great. Nice… once you figure how to wear them properly The first time I got these out of the box and put them in my ears, I was very disappointed. The sound was tinny, and there was NO bass at all. Annoyed at spending the money, I went on the apple website and found an FAQ on how to fit these headphones. Result? Excellent sound quality, crisp and clear from bass to treble. Recommended thoroughly. But why isn’t that FAQ included in the box??? Great sound – limited functionality My first impressions of these headphones was fantastic – and i got them for a bargain. The problem is, it’s all fine while i was sitting very still, the bass is warm and the EQ across all ranges is pretty balanced for such small headphones. As soon as i started moving they kept falling out, i found myslef walking around looking very wierd as i kept pushing things back into my ears. Even with some real pressing and setting, they still seem to just fall out – any size of bud i use. My real problem though (and this might be true of all ‘in-ear’ headphones – but any movement my body makes or anything that touches the cord is passed straight into my ear drum (because you need your ears to be ‘open’ to balance pressures between the inside and outside of your body – it’s called your Eustachian Tube) anyway, every footstep thunders in my ears, great is you just use them for commuting but it was just horrible running with them in. Dissapointed – are all earbud headphones like this?
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