Discover Zepeto, a unique 3D social network on smartphones

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Add another social network on smartphone with style like no other. With a feature that allows users to create 3D-style characters and interact with other users in a unique virtual space, Zepeto is an emerging social network that make everybody curious. Imagine with Zepeto, you can directly allow your character to freely express his emotions right on his face or express his personality in costumes, and you can also talk and group to take pictures, dating or walking (of course in a virtual environment) with other users. That’s great, isn’t it? Here are the installation experience images and try it out on Zepeto. Zepeto is provided free of charge to both popular mobile platforms currently Android and iOS. Therefore you will not be too hard to find and download this application on the App Store. After installation, start the application and click Create a ZEPETO to initiate the account creation. You can proceed to register an account using personal email or link to Facebook, Twitter or WeChat accounts. And each new registration account, you will be given 1000 coins to buy items for your character. Once you have registered your account, you will be taken to the character settings section. The first will be gender. Next is the face. ZEPETO will conduct a scan of your face and create a “dull” 3D character for you. If you like, press the blue arrow, but if you don’t like it, click on the “X” icon to redo it. Next will be the custom appearance for your character. Here ZEPETO offers quite a lot of options so you can freely “create” your character so that it is … as cool as possible. Lastly name your character. When everything is complete, you will be taken to your personal room. There will be communication options, as well as the task you will discover to “style” your character, as well as make friends with people. With different tasks, you will have equivalent coin rewards from which to use for shopping. To purchase furniture for your character, click on the personalized custom icon. Then click on the corresponding shopping options. That’s basically what ZEPETO social network brings to users, to learn more, try to experience it.  
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